Friday, April 27, 2007

Is it the end ?!

I want to make this quick as possible.
Early this morning around 4am there was a VERY loud thunder, that shook my bed. It didn't only strike once, it was actually FIVE times. This rain seems so unusual and I worry about the state of the Earth? Is it too late to go back and fix things? Will the government do something that can make a change for the better? I am truly scared. Then on my way to work on the Metro North, as the train was pulling under the tunnel after 125th street, I look out the window to my left and I see a huge ball of fire, then seconds later a loud explosion happened right next to my window, and what scared me the most as that only about 5 minutes later, the conductors explained what had happened. He said that the breaks had exploded. Seriously after all these terrorist things, I really was petrified, my legs felt like water and all I could think of was how horrible all this terrorist scare is. You automatically bring that to mind, when your on a train and explosions around you happen. Be Safe, be Happy, be YOU !

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