Tuesday, March 20, 2007

the room

white.gray.silver. the room contained me.
four walls, one color, no way out. as my body lays coldly on the floor...lifeless.
the ceiling starts to melt into the walls...the walls melt into the ground
revealing the true color of the room. WHITE.
my lifeless body is surrounded by white spaces.nothing moves for a while.
the only thing i hear is the beating of my heart.
the room holds me in.
nothing can be hidden here...my heart still beats.
and as i look at the empty spaces around me, i find them to be turning red...blood is rushing from my fingers.like paint. FRESH PAINT. soon enough the whole room is red, pulsing with every heart beat.
then slowly it turns to black, its colder then ever now...
my body is blue and i cant feel anymore...
the whole room dematerialized
all thats left is my soul, projected in a white light...that slowly fills up and empty white.gray.silver


expand...shrink...expand...dies. the red colored walls seems to move on its on.voices of the unknown can be heard inside this room. where do they come from? are they real? silence.buzz.silence.buzz. suddenly the room stops pulsing. cold.silence.death. Yeah... the smell of death now fills the room.white.the room is white.life...this room is full of life.
time passes and he is sitting.naked. in the corner of this room.
four walls.
he doesn't seems to know whats real.and whats not.he stands and he looks into the wall.
he then sits down again, in the same corner.
directly across from him, he sees a praying mantis.
and slowly he creeps up to it. and in his eyes he sees.
what he was always looking for.
he stops.
and then.
slowly he starts to get inside the mantis eyes.
inside he finds himself
inside a room
four walls.

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