Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Friends...are forever

When I stop and look back, to when I was still in High School... three very important people pop into mind. Leticia, Jhonis and Dominique. Not to say that the other important people don't pop into mind, I mean who could forget Bryan,Joi, Ayesha(the lesbian sheep), Vanessa, Danielle, Matt, Teddy, Justin, Brett, Carrie, Aimee, Allison, Charleen, and all the other amazing people that I had the chance to hang out with during school hours. But the three that I first spoke about stand out the most for soo many reasons. Let's start from the beginning, a very good place to start in my opinion.

Leticia a.k.a Lechuga

She was the first person I was ever introduced to in this country. I remember like it was yesterday. I was sitting on the window side of my classroom, it was homeroom, with Mrs. Dejulio. I was quiet throughout the whole class, and just sat there, staring at the gray skies on that damp morning of September. Right when the bell rang the teacher, ran to me and asked "Where are you from?" and I answered in extremely broken English "I am from Brazil". She smiled at me and pointed towards a girl, she was pretty, and seemed like the most popular girl in the room, the teacher called her over and said "Leticia, this is Allison, his also from Brazil".
She smiled and said that I should go ask her anything if I ever needed any help. From that day on... our relationship just grew. By 8Th grade we were best friends and we always hung out. We were separated at 9Th grade, but we still kept in touch, she then moved to my school in 10Th grade. Then she moved to Connecticut. We barely speak to each other on the phone or in person... and I really wish I could speak to her more often. But we both are soo busy... I know her Lil dirrty secrets (well, some of them) and she knows some of mine. She is definitely a very special person to me and without her, there would be no pink, or techno in my life. I LOVE YOU !

Jhonis a.k.a Bro

This is someone, who when I first layed my eyes on I taught I was never going to be his friend. I was sitting in the last roll of chairs, in a room at Purchase College. He was sitting in the first roll. I was Brazilian, he was Brazilian. I am gay, he is straight. I was punk, he was hip-hop. I was Ying, he clearly was Yang. We were introduced to each other by a teacher, who's name escapes my mind right now, he was sitting with Matt and Vanessa. I at first like I said didn't think that anything was going to come out of it. Yet somehow we became friends, we said hi to each other, and saw each other at lunch. Through Julie, Kaitlyn and Zaneta, we became closer... we started hanging out more at school... 10Th grade rolled around, and we became best friends, he would come over my house and hang out. Then 11Th grade started and we were closer then ever, and going through rough times together. He moved into my house that summer....we now were brothers....we lived together for almost a year....and I learned soo much about him....and about myself... he knows the dark side of me. I now see that I never gave him the respect that he deserved and unfortunately I will never be able to take us back in time and fix everything. I miss him... he to me was truly my brother. The last night he was in my house, I tried to keep a strong face, but when we hugged and I told him how much he meant to me I started crying hysterically, and through my window on a cold, dark night I saw my brother, get into a car and disappear in the distance. We still talk, and for some reason I don't think we are ever going to stop. I LOVE YOU BRO ! forgive me.

Dominique a.k.a HunniBunni SugarPuss

This is the one, that I truly don't remember how I met. I don't know the place, I don't know the day... but its funny because when I stop and think of high school, and truly making a friend for life, she is the one that ranks the highest. I truly cannot explain what it is about her, that just seems to be everything that completes my half. She knows me and I truly know her. We finish each others sentences and we talk to each other after weeks of not talking as if we had never left each other. We call each other hunnibunni sugarbunni.... we know whats going on in each others head without looking at each other. We are truly soul mates I believe. I think this was supposed to be my wife. I simply love her. and that's not even the beginning. She knows the mistakes I have made... and I know hers... and we are always there for each other. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING !

The amazing people that I have had the pleasure to become friends with are truly a gift from God. Without them, I am nobody, I am alone.

Thank You for being my friend !

(Leticia, Jhonis, Dominique,Bryan, Ayesha, Shar, Joi, Brett, Jaime, Carrie, Aimee, Sue, Nessa, Matt, Danny, Charleen, Courtney, James, Melissa and everyone who I truly have as a friend... you know who you are!)

(mi hermanita, mi lesbiana, mi amor, my untacunta salamanta)

(my black sis, just a star)

(silly is not even close) (me and nessa) (Me and Jhonis)
(Me and my sis Bryan)
(Me and Leticia)

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