Friday, November 21, 2008

iPhone 2.2

So I got the new iPhone firmware release about 15 minutes ago, and here are the biggest change I've found.

New look for Safari:

Notice the new toolbar for Google, right next to the address toolbar. When you select the Google toolbar, it stretches over the address toolbar.

Google Maps with Street View:

Search for something, or drop a pin on your location:

Touch the little orange circle to turn it to street view:

Do you want to share you location? While on map, click on the pin to view more information, then click on Share Location, and you can send an email with your location to a friend.

You are also able to get driving, public transportation and walking directions.

And for those, who hates the fact that your phone spell checks things for you, and sometimes it can actually completely spell something different from what you want it to write to begin with, you can now actually turn auto spelling off. No more "ducking" instead of f'ing. =]

Go to Settings - General- Keyboards:

Podcast lovers, this one is for you:

Now you can download podcasts, straight from the iTunes store on your phone !!!

That's all!
did I miss anything?!

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