Sunday, November 23, 2008

808s & Heartbrakes

I had pre-ordered this CD on iTunes and basically had no expectation for it. My appreciation for Kanye have grown over the years, something about him that does that to me. He is not like the rest of the rappers out there, he is not afraid to take risks. With this new CD, 808s & Heartbreak, Kanye opt to sing, instead of fully rap on his songs. Many criticized him for his choice saying that he was betraying himself, and was making a mistake by moving from what he started with.
The CD is calmer and a bit toned down from his last album, it has some very personal songs and some more upbeat songs, with a personal message. Here is a song list. I am loving all the songs, they all have their own special feel.

Here is the art work of the album:

No matter where Kanye came from, no matter where he plans to go, Kanye has the talent and the drive to keep going, no matter in what direction he might want to go, rapping, singing, no matter what. I was talking to a friend who thinks Kanye is very arrogant, and I said he has the right to be arrogant, because he backs it up with great songs and albums. This is the last photo in the booklet:

This is my favorite CD Kanye.
Keep it up!

p.s: you can get the album on iTunes right now for $9.99, all the pictures are from the digital booklet.

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