Tuesday, May 22, 2007

When you feel it...

I feel like happiness is coming my way !
And it feels great.
Cloudless skies, are not only an insportation, but what life has in store for me !
I am embarking in the adventure of a lifetime. And I am truly letting the powers beyond mine take control. Lemme ride this wave, and enjoy the scenary as I go by...
My family inspires me so much.
My mother is my hero. my base. my all.
without her there's nothing.

I feel a calmess inside myself.
I thank God for the small things in life.

Taking a step at a time is the way to live your life, since it's already planned for you. Enjoy and chose wisely.

Thanks for the friends that through thick and thin still together with me.
I loves you!

Bryan...we laughed together...we cried together...we live our dreams together.
I know I annoy you at times and you annoy me... but what's life without the inperfections? It's boring.

You will be truly missed... and even if I don't show it... please know it's true.
Remenber how the weather changed in Milan when you landed?! That's a sign that great things are in there for you !!!

I love you brother/sister!

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