Friday, March 9, 2007

What is fashion?

Dear Readers,
Fashion is causing problems in Europe and it seems like the trend didn't stop there, it spilled into this side of the Atlantic too. Dolce & Gabbana, was "forced" to take down this AD, because apparently it's supporting and glamorizing rape. Now I can see why they would think that this scene is a rape scene. She is being held down by her wrists and her body language seems to be against what the guy is doing. The other man are just watching. In my opinion, this is not a rape scene at all ! This to me is not just modeling either. Dolce & Gabbana is one if not the most sexual company in the fashion industry, and if you look at any of their Ad's not just this one from Spring 07, you can see the sexual force that drives D&G. This ad just tells me, the D&G costumer that their clothes are meant for people who are secure, and know their sexuality, and aren't afraid of expressing it. D&G "attacks" straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual in many of their Ad's. So I believe that before someone judge this picture and call it disgusting or a rape scene, they need to stop and think to themselves "do I understand fashion? Do I know whats the real story behind this? Who are they selling to?" and most likely they wouldn't pay attention to it, because their not so into fashion after all, they DON'T understand it. Fashion is not just going into Mandee's and picking up a skirt and a matching shirt, its MUCH MUCH (MUCH!) MORE. This Ad not only sells clothes but also a lifestyle, which is not about raping at all, just about a sexual secure person who is the D&G costumer. Fashion is not just clothes, and this is what many people need to understand. Fashion is a lifestyle. The pages of Vogue doesn't just show you what is hot and upcoming this new season, it sells you a lifestyle. Why do you choose Louis Vuitton? Why Chanel? Do you know why? Or are you just as silly as the rest of the people?

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Quartz1six said...

I agree with your comments about the D&G, from a fashion "outsiders" view they don't see an Dolce & Gabbana ad, what we have come recognize as their ad,(the models using strong submissive and dominant body language in a sexual context), I'm not at all surprised by someone complaining about the ad, givin that nowadays everyone's looking for something worth fighting for, but alot of the times they are misinformed and they fail to understand what they are against. sorry i'm just going on but good post!!I love it! keep up the good work!xo