Sunday, March 11, 2007

Raquel Zimmermann: Skin is in !

V Magazine, did it again !!! This new and daring 46Th issue, has or gorgeous and sexxxy Brazilian super model Raquel Zimmermann. She is featured in this spread as a nurse and a flight attendant. Now you are probably saying to yourself " What the hell is so important about this spread anyways? It's a nurse and a flight attendant!" and then..... you flip the page and BOOM... RAQUEL IS COMPLETELY NAKED...I MEAN TITTIES, VAGINA THE WHOLE THING ALL OUT! I never ever thought that she would do something like this, I actually had the pleasure to meet her this past NYC fashion week, and she was so private, she literally disappeared after the show. I am definitely saving this very important issue, which in my opinion is a milestone for her and the magazine. And for the people that are super hungry to see the super hot pictures, they are right here.

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