Thursday, October 16, 2008

assim é melhor.

Hello world,
sorry it's been YEARS, since I posted here.
recap time!!!!
two words: HOT GUYS!
taking care of military papers (!!!) and visiting relatives that I haven't seen in 8 years. The military says all is fine and they are going to leave me the hell alone.
It felt amazing to be back home, and it feels a little weird to be back here, but I think it's because I "realized" that all my family is there and it sucks that I have to leave them behind.
another thing that sucks is that I can go to a restaurant there and get a cocktail, and here I have to wait until NEXT year! speaking of that... OMFG ... I can't believe I will be 21 next year! It's insane. Mary (yes, YOU, you evil lady), do you remember your 21's when you were painting caves and wearing a bone to hold your hair together?! I am sure you do.
school is so blah, I just want to be done get a job and do what I need to do.
I need to get my ass to Brazil soon.

this post is so A.D.D, it's not even funny... OMG.

hmmm, new macbook air or new macbook pro?! I dunnoo, help me chose, and I will give you a kiss.

I need more plaid in my life, and I need boots.

i'm going to bed.


p.s: (fuuuck, i forgot what i was going to write) :/

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Raffaele said...

I believe you may have already been drunk when writing this. And I have saved a cave painting for you! Did you see Carol??