Monday, August 25, 2008

matter of fact, I AM STILL ALIVE!

Hello everyone,
The last weeks have been filled with a new job traning session, and then the rest of the time it has been me cathing up on sleep.
I miss school, and I need to write more, I've been making more mistakes then usual and THAT'S NOT A GOOD SIGN.
I started YET, another blog with two friends that also go to fashion school, and you can check that out right here Pret-a-porter Corner.
I've posted my FIRST entry just a few minutes ago and I would loove to hear some 0feedback, here and there! =] (MARY, THAT'S FOR YOU!)

I am loving the experience at this new job, which I will tell you more when the time is fitting.

Can you believe summer is coming to an end, and a new year is around the corner?!
Time seriously flies, and I feel like such and oldie when I say that, because I remember when I was young and I heard all the older people saying it!

This time last year, I was finishing my stay in Spain for a month, I think I need to get back to Europe soon.




Anonymous said...

Yes you definitely need to get back to Europe.
London, London!

Frank Blank

Raffaele said...

Jesus H! Now I have ANOTHER blog I have to track?? Thank God you're interesting.