Friday, August 1, 2008


1. sleep
2. time to kill
3. but I also like rushes (i/e: fashion week)
4. iphone
5. macbook
6. spicy tuna rolls
7. kani salads
8. travelling
9. having money to spend
10. planning my perfect apt
11. iTunes
12. Torrents
13. I like peace
14. I like fashion, it can evoke emotions
15. I prefer winter over summer
16. I think I will live in Sao Paulo someday
17. I also think I will live in the West Coast
18. I love Spain
19. I love Milan
20. I would love to go to Japan
21. I really really like Starbucks
22. I totally love computers and technology
23. I don't know what to write for number 23
24. I like Harry Potter
25. more then I like Lord of the Rings
26. no idea what to write so I will end here....
27. I like to blog.

I'm done.