Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What are your obsessions?

I was thinking about all the time I talk to my brother and some friends about my "obsessions" and how much I love stuff, and I wondered if anybody else had any of their own. My obsessions range from websites, to foods, to music and so on... You see the thing is, once I like something I really really like it, and I constantly talk about how amazing it is, and how people should really try it. Lately I have been telling everyone and their mother (including my mother) to get a Twitter account (my mom gave in and got one)... it seems like Twitter is my main obsession lately. A few weeks ago Edamame was my food of choice, NO LIE, I would have Edamame for breakfast, lunch and dinner... I can't even begin to talk about bubble tea (but that's only on Fri,Sat and Sunday) weird, I know. Now, when someone, anyone, brings up Mac computers into a conversation, or ANYTHING Apple... I completely lose my mind and start talking about how Apple has changed my life, and that I would buy anything Steve Jobs come out with. It could be the iPod, the iPhone, the iMac, even if they come out with the iShit, I would still buy it. I don't know... having a Mac makes me feel part of the cool crowd, and as stupid as that might sound, it is nothing but the truth. About a week or so my mom even said that "MacBook is your drug!!!" and she is absolutely right, this computer is my baby.

Do you have any obsessions?

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