Thursday, July 3, 2008

Things that I have to HAVE !!! (Part I)

Hello lovies,
I hope everyone is enjoying themselves this weekend and partying it up !
I will be home alone, and I am very excited to just be comfortable and enjoy myself this weekend. Many people feel they need to have company, I, in the other hand love being alone at home.
So what do I do when I have the house to myself ?! Do I throw a party? Do I get drunk? Do I have friends over?! NO.... I blog. :D

There are so many little things that I am in love with and I decided to make a list and share them with you...
I decided it would be best to split the list in two, so it's not taking up the whole page, and not taking you three hours in one sitting to read through it all. Here is part one. Enjoy

Let's start with my daily obsessions:

Obsession Du Jour !
1. Macbook
This is probably the best thing that happened to me ever since I first touched a computer. I am literally in love with this machine, and the company. Everything they have I want. Like EVERYTHING!!!! Steve Jobs are you listening ?!?!?

2. Ipod Touch
The closest I can get to a Iphone( which I will be getting when it comes out on July 11th!!!). I have all my contacts neatly arranged on it, my calendar, and YES... I HAVE EVERY ALBUM COVER. I get them all, and if it's a random mix... I find a picture that has the same mood as the mix and I use that. I know... I also use this to update my status on my favorite sites, which I will tell you about later.

3. Cell Phone
Hmm... text messaging?! need I say more? I used to have a Helio Ocean, until last week when I switched to AT&T, now I have their free phone ( a Nokia) until the eleventh, when the Iphone 3G comes out.

Nowadays, we all connect to the internet, some come to chat, some come to play, some come to shop, I come to do everything. I basically live on it...


1. Twitter

There's no explanation on why I am so obsessed with this website, I don't even know why. I get up and twit, I have breakfast I twit, I go outside I twit, I see something I twit... TWIT TWIT TWIT ! I am always updating it and the updates are posted here on the blog ( the bubble to the right of the screen), my Facebook account, my Myspace page and my personal website. I am always texting and letting people know what I am up to, and I also follow a few people and I always get text messages when they twit. It is AMAZING. Everyone should get one.


I have been a blogger user for quite some time and I am always trying out new sites to see if there are better blogging platforms out there and to be quite honest, there isn't. Blogger is simply, and I find it easy to customize it... I have tried Wordpress and I was loving it, but when I found out I couldn't email posts from my phone to the blog, I said NO THANK YOU !!! Then I tried Typepad, and I was turned off by the fact I had to pay $14 /month... I mean, I get it if blogging is your job, but not for me. I even tried blogging using iWeb on my mac, and when I found out I couldn't blog from any other computers, including different mac's I said... hmmm NO.

Hmmm, I can update anything (Twitter,Facebook,Myspace,Blogger...) from one simple website. is still beta so you need to get a code for it..... have fun searching it !!! I DID !

With this website I am able to see what others listen to, find new artists and keep a list of things that I've listened to, and to me that is also AMAZING ! even sees what songs I played on my Ipod while I went out, and when I connect it to the computer, it updates the list on my profile.

Last but most definitely not least...


You all know why YouTube is amazing. So I don't have to explain. Just check out PhillyD, Michael Buckley, Hot for Words, iJustine, LisaNova,JonLajoie... those are a few channels I subscribe to. I love them.

So those are a few things I love. For part two, expect to see styles I like at the moment, things I want to buy, favorite men's fashion shows that just happened in Europe, latest music obsession... and other things I am obsessing over.

Until then,
Be safe, in peace, and above all happy.



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