Monday, April 14, 2008

just a thought.

A friend of mine, who I barely speak to now... posted this, and it's so true that I have to post here.

i don't know that if i'm easily misunderstood, but i know that people don't understand me-sometimes, i just watch people or listen to them talk and i'm gonna be honest, i think to myself, "what a fucking idiot." i know that sounds horrible, but it's true. i just think that some people tend to take things for granted and are way too materialistic. i also think that they're way too self-involved (me being one of them, smh). if people would actually take the time to look out their windows and look at a tree or something, actually fucking look at it or at an old building, and notice that age has actually made it more beautiful and authentic, then maybe things would be different. maybe then i would actually find more people i enjoy talking to or people that i have things in common with. i don't give a shit about your fucking skimpy tightass outfits or how many guys' phone numbers you can get... what ever happened to class, what happened to devotion?"


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