Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bears, Egyptians, Paris.

Check out my little Alisson Bear !
It's the cutest bear ever and it 
was drawn by my friend Moto from Patricia Field !

The other day I went over to Patricia Field to visit and get a few papers signed... and Moto drew me as a little bear ! ahahahaha almost everyone in the office has a lil' bear version of them somewhere. After me and Masami had a lovely date at the Bubble Tea Shoppe. I NEVER LAUGHED SOOO MUCH IN MY LIFE !!!! I probs had bubble tea coming out of my nose... I love Masami.

Egyptian Super Star

I love the fact that there's a built in camera on my MacBook and I can just take massive amounts of pictures and just upload them here. So much easier.

" Mon Ami "

Arabian Musical


April is almost here and that means that sooner then later, I will be 20 years old.


I can't.


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