Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I am sitting in a restaurent trying to have a pleasant meal..but clearly on the same night the rich moms of westchester decieded to take their 20000 kids too for a kiddie birthday party, and while the mom sip on mimosa and talk about their yoga class, the children run around, like wild animals, 50 of them of the blonde 4 year old scream " mommie i want MOOORE money!" the mother without even looking at the girl sipping on her mimosa says "sure dear, here's twenty!"
i can't help but to start laughing and thinking about the BABY KILLER of them all...RAFFE... And thinking about what she would say. Half way through my peasant soup i started to feel indigestion, and the ringing of the childrens screams and cries grows louder in my ears. I guess i should have went for sushi.
Ali X
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