Monday, September 24, 2007

Sex and the City: The Movie !!!!!!

Were you suffering from Sex and the City withdraw? and were you tired of the re-runs on the O! Networks?! (not that you could get tired, from the show, but you know what I mean !!!!).
Well if you answered YES, to any of these two questions, there absolutely no need to worry!!! As you probably already know there is a Sex and the City movie coming out in 2008!!!! Now, I know 2008, seems to be soo far away, and too long of a wait!! But if your like me and you can't wait for this movie, then your reading the right blog!!! I will post pictures and any new information about the movie, right here on the Patricia Field Blog!!! Whenever you feel the sudden urge to see anything NEW about Sex and the City, turn off the O! Network, put down the popcorn and come over here!!!!

They're Baaaccckkk, and fiercer then ever!

Belts, Belts !!!!

(I love how the belt is such a bold item, and the dress is so soft with the florals! It's a perfect balance!!
This look is so fresh and light !! LOVING IT!!!!!)
Alisson Xavier

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