Monday, July 9, 2007


7/7/7 was this past Saturday, and I had no idea that it was a day of luck. All I knew was that the energy around Earth was suppose to shift causing some things to happen, spiritually. But on the afternoon of 7/7/7 I was planning on going to this Crab Restaurant in Wildwood, NJ. I had everything set, and I decided to go back to my hotel room to hang out and ended up passing out. Woke up, I was uber late, got on the car and rushed to the place.... getting there I see that the restaurant was blocked off and that there was about 50 police cars and 3 fire trucks and 10 ambulances. I turn around, pissed off, and head back to the hotel. As I was flipping through the channels that night I stopped at the news and I see that the building where I was suppose to have dinner had collapsed sending 9 people to the Emergency Room. I was stunned. Luck?! A sign of something? I have been feeling very spiritual lately, and I have been noticing things around me, that I didn't notice before. also it's interesting that since 2001 we have a 01/01/01 kind of dates... up until 12/12/12.

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