Saturday, June 23, 2007

New York City

Before Sunset, originally uploaded by photomagister.

When I heard about this phenomenon (the sun lines with the modern grid of NYC streets at sunset) which happens twice a year. I was so excited about it...but unfortunately I missed it, hopefully I will catch it this July. New York City has an energy about it, that I have not felt in any other city. I remember how excited I was the first time I went to the city, and so eager to see everything in one day. Since I started working full time in NYC, last year, I was able to "enjoy" the city five days a week ! I call NY my second home, and I never stopped to think how lucky I was to be here, and how so many people in the world would die to be in my position. I am truly thankful for the experiences NYC has given me. It's such a diverse place. So free but then again so uptight about things. The grime that I see on the subway is part of the city, and it gives it that weird beauty to it. I love New York, even though I complain about it sometimes... I truly love NYC.

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